"I love my esibox!"

The esibox Customer Delivery Journey

"Like TiVo for home shopping" - esibox stores your deliveries so you don't have to be in at a set time.

1: Customer Notified

The customer receives notification via the esibox app, informing that a parcel has been deposited in esibox and is awaiting collection.


2: Unlock esibox and app

The customer uses the esibox app to administer deliveries and take control of their esibox using smart unlock functions; allowing them to retrieve and inspect their parcel.


3: Delivery Confirmed

After checking the parcel the customer confirms a successful delivery has been made using the esibox app which notifies all parties concerned. The customer is seamlessly invited to review the delivery in-app.


The esibox Customer Returns Journey

Send home shopping returns the esibox way.

1: Arrange Returns in-App

If a customer wishes to return an item they simply select the best value service from our in-app list of affliliated partner offers, arranging a collection time and date suitable for all parties.


2: Return and Notify

The delivery operative collects the parcel from the customer's esibox and the parcel is returned to the vendor. All parties concerned are notified of the return status and the customer is notified via the esibox app that the vendor has received the return successfully.


What's Next?

Find out about the esibox box...

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